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Transmission Repair in Riverview, FL

Does your car or truck pause for a moment when you're shifting between gears? This could be a sign that your transmission isn't working quite right. Going from park to drive should be a smooth change. If it's not, contact our garage for top transmission repair in Riverview, Florida. Your transmission involves a lot of moving parts and components, so they need regular service. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service has an experience team of auto mechanics who work on all makes and models. Make sure your car or truck is in peak performance, and stop by our garage for transmission repair if you're experiencing the following:

• Fluid Leaks
• Delays in Movement
• Slipping Gears
• Your Vehicle Surging
• Strange Smells
• Difficulty Shifting Gears
• Warning Lights On
• Grinding or Strange Noises

Prevent Permanente Damage with a Transmission Flush

Just like engine oil, transmission fluids need to be replaced too. Your system can gunk up from particles and debris. For most car and truck models, you need a transmission flush every 50,000 miles. Save time and money by visiting our garage. We offer quick flushes that clean out your entire transmission system. This keeps your car running optimally and extends its life.

Do You Need a Transmission Rebuild?

While in many cases repairs are sufficient, sometimes a transmission rebuild is needed. Our mechanics are available to answer any questions and determine the best plan for your vehicle. We don't let you get caught in a cycle of constant repairs, making you come in month after month. Our team rebuilds transmissions from start to finish to save you the hassle of constant breakdowns.

Transmission Repair in Riverview, FL

Why Visit Our Transmission Repair Shop

As soon as you step through the front door of our transmission repair shop, you'll be treated to personalized service. Whether your gears are grinding or your car is stalling out, our team has you covered. We take time to inspect every detail of your vehicle before providing our budget-friendly transmission repair. Because we work on domestic and foreign models, you never have to go somewhere else with your car or truck. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a poor transmission and let us diagnose and solve any problems.
Maintaining your transmission is as easy as one stop to our auto repair shop. We provide comprehensive maintenance to make sure your vehicle rides smoothly all year long. Ask about our transmission service the next time you're in for an oil change or engine tune-up.  We check your differential and flywheel to prevent gears from slipping or grinding. This is necessary for maintaining the health and safety of your car or truck.

Contact our auto repair shop for complete transmission repair to get you back on the road. We serve Riverview, Brandon, Lithia, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, FL, and the surrounding areas.