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Brake Repair in Riverview, FL

If your brakes screech, everyone on the road can hear them. When that happens, it's time to come in for your brake repair in Riverview, Florida. We help you avoid costly repairs in the future and create a safer ride for you and your passengers. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service works on domestic and foreign vehicles, so you'll be covered with any of the following problems:

• Brake Light Is On
• Car Pulls while Braking
• Brake Pedal Is Spongy
• Car Vibrates while Braking
• Delayed Stopping Time
• Grinding or Squealing Noises

Brake Repair in Riverview, FL

Stay Safe with Our Brake Replacement

Through normal wear and tear, cars and trucks need brake replacement. Bad brakes can be dangerous, as sometimes they affect the anti-lock braking system (ABS). Stay safe and let our trained mechanics replace your brakes. We inspect every aspect of your vehicle's brake system to locate any problems. That annoying sound your car makes may be a sign of a larger issue. Let our team search out solutions and get you back to safe driving.

Personalized Service at Our Brake Shop

Too many other auto maintenance garages slap in new brake pads and call it a day. When you visit our brake shop, we take time to listen to all of your concerns and questions. Our team is dedicated to providing effective and budget-friendly services that keep you and your passengers safe. Once you drop your car or truck off at our garage, all you have to is sit back and relax.

Comprehensive Brake Service

Sometimes your car needs extensive brake service before it is safe to get back on the road. Our dedicated team offers brake service for any problem. Because your car's brake system is complex, the issue could be with any number of components. That's why we always take time to inspect each part before getting to work. Our mechanics repair and replace anything, from brake pads to calipers and master cylinders. We also replace and resurface brake rotors to maximize the efficiency of your system.

Prompt Brake Pad Replacement

A fast and simple way to increase the performance of your brakes is to replace the pads. They wear down after some time, depending on how much braking you do on throughout the year. When you hear squealing, it's your car indicating that it needs brake pad replacement. It's important to come in before your system scrapes too much. This causes damage to the rotor or more, meaning you have to replace even more parts. Don't get caught with unresponsive brakes again after you visit our auto repair garage.

Contact us to receive through brake repair at competitive prices. We serve Riverview, Brandon, Lithia, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, FL, and the surrounding areas.